About Us

Claire Darling, LMT 

A photo of Claire DarlingClaire loves supporting bodies as they find their way home and she loves witnessing the softening of tight tissue as tension and adaptations are released.  Thanks to her undergrad degree in philosophy, she maintains a healthy skepticism about everything, and Bowenwork was no exception.  She has been licensed to practice massage in the state of Oregon for over 14 years, specializing in Craniosacral and the treatment of concussions and other traumatic injuries.  She is thrilled with Bowenwork in addition to the treatment options of one-on-one traditional bodywork.  She also loves dogs, fermenting vegetables and gardening.



Oregon Massage Therapy License #13113

Certified Bowenwork Practitioner

Certified TRE(R) Teacher

Lila Martin Bergroth, LMT

Photo of LilaLila has spent more than 25 years facilitating movement experiences that are fun, functional and mindful.  Her passion is helping clients gain the confidence and tools they need to live active, joyful, pain free lives.  She teaches simple, effective techniques based in principles of bodywork, yoga, breathing and mindful movement. A licensed massage therapist, she  thoroughly enjoys teaching people to become their own Hands-off Bodyworker ® so you can do DIY bodywork at home!  Weaving in more than 25 years as a hands on bodywork professional, yoga teacher and somatic educator Lila offers gems of wisdom along with elegant, simple instruction during class. She has developed unique perspective and intuition for reading bodies and responding with grace and humor to invite them into better balance.  She brings playful, light-hearted style with deep care to every classe and private session.  Lila delights in seeing clients take charge of their own self care.


Oregon Massage Therapy License #21033

MELT Method Level 3 Instructor

Certified in Integral Yoga

BA in Communications