Bowen Therapy is well-suited for all children, including those with ADHD, for many reasons.  It can be done with very gentle pressure and still be effective.  It is done with clothing on, making them feel more comfortable.  Children are generally more active, thus helping the energetics of the therapy to work better and faster.  They do not have ideas about whether a treatment is going to work or not.  Their minds don’t really go there.  So, they tend to be more receptive than adults.  Adults can be rather skeptical, especially if they have tried everything and to no avail.

In a typical Bowen session, there are required pauses between some of the procedures within a session.  But with children, the breaks are not needed because they process the nerve stimulation much more quickly, so the therapy session is over in less than half the time of an adult’s session.

Children say that they are able to concentrate at school better and feel less anxious.  Parents see a difference in their attitudes in that the children are easier to be with and are much more cooperative.

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