Bowenwork is a relaxing holistic treatment which can help to reduce the pain and aches in your joints caused by arthritis.  Bowen works by applying rolling movements with finger and thumbs at precise points on the body.  It is performed on muscles, ligaments and soft tissue using only the amount of pressure appropriate for that person.  No hard manipulation or force is needed or used.  Bowen Therapy is not forcing the body to change, but asking the body to recognize the treatment and make the make the improvements accordingly.

Using the Bowenwork, Bowen therapists aim to release stress and tension from deep inside the body, encouraging the body to restore its natural hormonal and physiological balance.  This may help with reducing the pain, aches and inflammation of joints due to arthritis.

People normally find that Bowen Therapy is a gentle and relaxing experience.  The sessions generally last around 30 – 60 minutes.  The amount of sessions you may have to undergo will depend on the severity of your arthritis and the pain you are experience as a result of the condition.

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