Mothers and Babies

For pregnancy:
During pregnancy the body undergoes dramatic transformation.  Along the way it is quite normal to experience discomfort or pain as the body changes to nourish and protect the growing baby.  The hormonal changes pregnancy involves also have an impact on psychological and emotional well-being.  Bowenwork is well-suited to working with the problems associated with pregnancy including cramping, low back pain, pelvic pain and morning sickness.  The client can be seated, or lie on their side.

Bowen is also useful in helping the body prepare for labor.  For those who are interested in a natural birth, this can be helpful, as it makes it more likely that the woman can get through childbirth without medication.  Bowen can also be helpful for those who are planning a caesarian birth as it aids recovery from operations.

For new mothers:
Bowen is helpful in promoting a speedy recovery after birth.  The sooner after labor the mother comes for treatment, the more effective Bowen therapy will be.

For babies:
Some babies experience a lot of wind and digestive discomfort, which in extreme cases is called ‘colic’.  Bowen can be very helpful in treating colic, or any kind of digestive problem, as it is gentle enough to be used on the most delicate of infants.  Restlessness and sleep issues may also respond to Bowen.  As babies change so rapidly, often the results can be seen during the course of the session.

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