Effects of Bowen and the “Healing Crisis”

The effects of Bowen and the “healing crisis”:  We are all individuals and, therefore, we will all respond to Bowen in different ways.  After a Bowen treatment, you may feel more mobility and less pain straight away.  However, it is more common to leave the treatment with the same symptoms you came in with.  During the course of the following week your body will continue to process the Bowen moves.  During this time:

  • the body may try to process latent illnesses,
  • old adhesions may work themselves loose,
  • muscle and nervous tension may get released, and
  • detoxification may occur.

During the first few days after your treatment you may experience a “healing crisis” (where the body releases a mass of toxins in one go), which can result in:

  • older or latent injuries temporarily flaring up,
  • mild flu-like symptoms such as a slight headache, runny nose or low-grade fever,
  • digestive changes,
  • feeling stiff all over, and
  • tiredness.

These detox symptoms are all perfectly normal.  Drinking more water helps to ease these effects.  The body may continue to release toxins, muscle and nerve tension for up to 7 -10 days after your treatment.  Therefore, your next Bowen treatment is not normally scheduled before this time.  If you are worried at any time, please contact Revolution Pain Relief to discuss your concerns.  If they are temporary and short-term, then reassure yourself that it is the Bowen working.  Remember, if you have been struggling with a condition for years, a few days of discomfort will be worth it!


Bowen and its effects on emotions:  This could be an area that is not actually targeted in a session, but the body may decide to deal with this.  The reason the body can trigger emotional responses is due to past ‘traumas’ which the body stores; certainly, we know that muscle memory exists.  If Bowen is allowing these emotions to be released, then crying is a natural way to allow the body to heal on an emotional level.

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