Group TRE® Class

Group TRE® (tension/trauma-release exercises)

TRE® is a gentle, accessible method to stimulate the innate relaxation reflex that we are all born with, but don’t always take advantage of fully.  After a series of simple exercises, people find that their bodies have the opportunity to naturally “shake it off.”  This wonderful gift to the body can become a take-home tool for daily stress reduction, or it can be an adjunct therapy for more deeply held trauma responses.  Most people experience a sense of relaxation and expansion after even a single session, often resulting in less chronic pain and better sleep quality.

Sliding Scale: $10-20 per person at the door

Space: 10 participants

Drop in Classes are on hold.  Claire is teaching via  Private sessions are also available.

Registration:  By phone @ (503) 317-4873 or

Thank you for your curiosity about this inner superpower you have!