Do you dread spending the summer with itchy eyes, runny nose and generally feeling pretty awful?  Traditional methods of dealing with the symptoms of hay fever include antihistamines, steroid nasal sprays and tablets, nasal decongestants and eye drops.  However, Bowenwork is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive complementary therapy that can also help treat the seasonal disorder.

“Having suffered with severe hayfever for as long as I remember, I was looking desperately for a remedy to help as even prescription antihistamines didn’t touch it.  Bowen has reduced my hayfever symptoms by a huge amount and some days I don’t even need my antihistamines during the hayfever season.  Now I go back once a year for 3 sessions over a 3 week period just before the hayfever season begins.  It has also helped my asthma which id usually very bad during the season.  I can’t recommend this treatment enough for anyone that suffers with asthma or hayfever.”  Karen, Vancouver


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