Do you know any child over 6 years of age who has a bedwetting problem? It is hard to deal with for both the child and the parents:  Disturbed nights, fear of falling asleep and wetting again, fear of holiday trips or sleepovers with friends and being ‘found out.’  The problems range from self-esteem issues to high laundry costs.  Imagine being a teenager or adult with the same problem!

Many of us do not realize how many teenagers and adults are troubled with bedwetting, because it is not something easily discussed.  Imagine having to deal with wet beds, wet nightwear, interrupted sleep, frequent laundry costs, fear of ridicule from friends and partners.  How do you manage when travelling on business trips or on holiday?  What do you do if going to hotels or B&Bs?  Do you take your own rubber sheet?  Some places (understandably) charge customers for mattress damage.  All these issues can have a negative effect on the quality of life for these sufferers.

Did you know that Bowenwork has been found helpful for bedwetting?  Bowen is better known for its help with musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, neck and shoulder problems (including frozen shoulder) and conditions such as asthma, dizziness, and migraines.  For bedwetting, they focus on the lower spine muscles.  Sessions are gentle, relaxing and confidential.  Bowen can be effective no matter how long you have had the problem and could really help improve your quality of life.  As with most Bowen sessions, having a once-weekly session for four to six weeks gives your body a chance to see if it can respond and help you have dry nights.

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