Headaches including Tension and Migraine

Headaches and migraines can be horribly painful and affect huge numbers of people.  There is a lot that can be done to help headaches using Bowen.  This therapy can gradually ease the pain caused by migraines and other forms of headaches, and in some cases can help eliminate them entirely.

Migraine and other types of headaches are often hormone-related.  They can also be caused by inflammation in the sinuses or retained tension in the neck and shoulders.  Stress, dehydration and diet can all play a role.  Bowen therapy helps relax the body and release retained tension.  It helps the body attain its optimum hormonal and metabolic balance.  With regular Bowen sessions you should see a marked improvement in your headaches.

London-based Bowen practitioner, Nikke Ariff, completed the Bowen therapy Migraine Research Program which studied the efficacy of treating migraine headaches.  The 39 migraine volunteers consisted of 37 women and 2 men.  Thirteen of them had been suffering from migraines for 1-15 years; seventeen of them had been having migraines for 16-30 years; and nine had migraines for over 30 years.  In all, 31 participants experienced a positive result, representing 79.5% of the total group.  At the end of the program, 36 of the 39 they would recommend Bowen therapy as a treatment to a friend or colleague.  http://www.naturalisllc.com/blog/2013/7/9/research-demonstrates-effectiveness-of-the-bowen-technique

I suffer from chronic migraines and things started getting worse a few months ago.  I had daily migraines and was in a lot of pain.  Bowen helped decrease the level of pain, as well as the frequency of the migraines.  On the days that I had a Bowen session, I could feel the immediate benefit that would last for a few days.  Ann, Beaverton

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