Plantar Fasciitis

Many times plantar fasciitis is due to muscular imbalance in the pelvis and lower limbs.  This imbalance effects one’s gait (the way you walk), which can result in unbalanced tension and strain being exerted on the plantar fascia.  The feet are often the victim of a culprit elsewhere in the body.  Pelvic misalignment through impact of the lumbar spine, short hip flexors or tight hamstrings may all play a part in how legs move.  Knee and ankle alignment further influences how the feet land, and the amount of strain felt by the sole and the arch.  Bowen helps bring the entire body into balance.  It may also help to stimulate and accelerate the healing process of the damaged plantar fascia.  Usually about three to six Bowen sessions are required.

 “Having had a problem with plantar fasciitis for a few months and having seen podiatrists, had massages etc. I thought I would try Bowen.  I was amazed after 2 sessions how much better my heel was.  I now have hardly any problems with it at all.”  Jim, Lake Oswego

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