I feel more energized

There is a big shift and I feel it.  Physically I feel more energized and mentally more astute, but emotionally I feel stronger and more at peace with the world.


Relief from carpal tunnel syndrome

I had struggled with carpal tunnel syndrome for years and nothing really helped.  The doctors would give me anti-inflammatories and pain meds, but it kept coming back.  One treatment with Bowen, just one, and I had no problems for three months.  It was absolutely amazing!


How much brighter everything is

Hi there, well, that [Bowen] message did do something to me!  I feel like filters were off.  Kind of walking around wearing sunglasses, then taking them off, how much brighter everything is?  Does that make sense???

Kurt, Beaverton

That was amazing

Oh my God!  That was amazing.  I cannot believe how relaxed I am.  Incredible!

Allison, Portland

Relief from a chemical burn

I detail cars for a living and I spilled a chemical on my thigh.  Even though I washed it, it kept burning for weeks.  The place that got burned healed, but the burning sensation just kept going.  The doctors couldn’t do anything for me.  One day I had a Bowen treatment, what a strange thing that was!  But by the time I stood up again the burning was gone and it never came back again.  I’m so happy I found Bowen!

Jerry, age 50, Forest Grove

More focus and concentration

Hey, I think I may be enjoying more focus and concentration, just like the old days! It feels good.

Mark, Beaverton

My bite was aligned

Thank you for seeing me, my upper jaw just sank right where it needs to be and my bite was aligned. Yaay! The upper teeth are feeling really good again.

Janie, Gresham

Running pain-free again

I was surprised to learn that my tight hamstring was causing my knee pain when I would run.  The Bowen Treatment (from Claire) helped relieve some tension I didn’t know was there.  And the post-treatment exercises continued to make me feel stronger and ease the pain of running until I’m running pain-free again now!

Sarah, Portland

I slept 10 hours

I slept 10 hours and my neck, which was gorgeous yesterday after being Bowened, remains still quite pleasant.  Last evening my tinnitus was at hurricane warning levels and this a.m. is but a breeze….

Barb- Tigard

Looking forward to next session

Sue says she is having periods of much less pain, so she is looking forward to her next session.  I’m amazed that the nagging pain that I had in my lower left back is still 90% gone!  We both slept so good the first couple of nights after the treatment.

Mary, Beaverton

Catalyst for a shift

Not sure how much I can attribute to the Bowen work or not, but I can say it definitely played a part, and it well may have been the catalyst for a shift that is occurring in my inner trajectory – towards wholeness, ease and reconciliation, if I had to sum up what’s going on.

Saul, Tigard

Well, I still don’t believe

Well, I still don’t believe in it, but I am amazed at how much it’s helping my shoulder.  It just doesn’t hurt and I can put on my coat without a problem. My left knee isn’t a problem anymore and my ankle is supporting me.  Oh! And I’m sleeping better and longer.  Weird!

Carl, Portland

Floating and Energized

I feel Floating and Energized!   Clear headed, totally fine.  Hips balanced, not hinky. Tailbone all better.  Vision and energy good, better.  Neck-shoulders feel pretty good…

Lorie, Vancouver

Neck pain went away

I just wanted to let you know that within a day or two (and despite flying across the country with a 4-year-old on my lap), the neck pain went away!

Josh, Hillsboro

Excellent Community Resource

This is a gem of a community resource where people can receive healing treatments that are not outside their financial reach. Have always been welcomed and the healers are skilled and compassionate.


“Helps fibromyalgia pain”

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The Bowen Clinic helped me heal. I no longer have constant pain. Bowen therapy is gentle and effective. I recommend it highly.


The best pain management

I guess calling it pain management is a lie! When I was little I began having chronic joint and muscle pain, Bowen helped keep it under control so I could go to school like a normal kid. When I left for college I also left my Bowen therapist and my health never hit the ground so fast. My pain spread throughout my whole body and stayed there and it was bad. I’m 21 and I was bed confined most days of the week. I was going to accupuncture three times a week, physical and mental therapy weekly, and chiropractics and I did that for ten months but none of them were helping me make gains, just keeping me from getting worse. Bowen with Claire for three months has brought my pain down to just a quarter of my body and it keeps getting better. I forgot that I can have a normal life and I don’t have to be doomed to pain even if that’s what other people are telling me. Bowen has helped my whole sick family. you can’t make this stuff up!