Sports Injuries

BOWEN FOR SPORTS INJURIES Athletes are discovering Bowen treatments enhance performance, increase stamina, improve mobility; resulting in improving their game and preventing injury.  Bowen therapy helps athletes recover more quickly from hard training or from injuries. Bowen brings rapid relief and gets athletes back to their game quickly. Why Bowen works for sports injury Bowen has repeatedly shown rapid, long-term relief from sports injuries, with no side effects. Bowen treats the whole body. Other therapies treat local regions without enlisting the full body wisdom. Bowen helps the body to make its own adjustments achieving quick and long-lasting results. How Bowen works to optimize performance Bowen sessions a few days prior to competition have repeatedly shown an improvement in athletic performance. Bowen after competition helps the body relax, taking it down from the adrenaline rush. Bowen reduces recovery time between training session allows athletes to train harder and more frequently. Bowen work reduces injury. Bowen treatments boost energy, increase mobility and improve coordination, helping athletes boost their game. We realize that there are not yet many studies on the effects of Bowen for musculoskeletal injuries, however we are planning to run some pilot trials in the near future. ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE:  California […]

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