The best pain management

I guess calling it pain management is a lie! When I was little I began having chronic joint and muscle pain, Bowen helped keep it under control so I could go to school like a normal kid. When I left for college I also left my Bowen therapist and my health never hit the ground so fast. My pain spread throughout my whole body and stayed there and it was bad. I’m 21 and I was bed confined most days of the week. I was going to accupuncture three times a week, physical and mental therapy weekly, and chiropractics and I did that for ten months but none of them were helping me make gains, just keeping me from getting worse. Bowen with Claire for three months has brought my pain down to just a quarter of my body and it keeps getting better. I forgot that I can have a normal life and I don’t have to be doomed to pain even if that’s what other people are telling me. Bowen has helped my whole sick family. you can’t make this stuff up!

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