TMJ Dysfunction, Trigeminal Neuralgia

Bowenwork is an excellent treatment choice for problems of the TMJ as it effectively relieves spasm and inflammation in the related muscles, tendons and nerves that are a response to stress, injury or misalignment.  It corrects chronic joint misalignments by allowing the body to let go of stuck patterns of tension.  On average, chronic TMJ sufferers start feeling relief in 2 sessions and usually see their problems resolved within 5 sessions.

A research project on the application of Bowen Therapy on TMJ abnormality was started in Durango, Colorado by Dr. John Bauman, DDS.  Assessment of masseter tension by bio-feedback, measurement of bite and subjective symptoms were compared before and after treatment.  Immediately after the first treatment a third of the clients felt dramatic relief in some of their symptoms and 20 out of the 22 clients showed significant improvement on the post biofeedback assessment.

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